The best Samsung earbuds in 2022

When it comes to audio on the move, earbuds are your best friends. There are plenty of brands, but Samsung is one of the most balanced, offering some of the best wireless earbuds options out there.

Samsung’s earbuds have their perks. They connect to your phone in a blink, offer great features, and have a great fit. Plus, buying a pair won’t break the band. With many innovative features like noise cancellation and smart assistant tech, you have a solid accessory for your Android phone. So, which pair is best for you?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, our premium pick, seem to tick all the boxes any mid to high-level user will need out of Bluetooth earbuds. Great fit and lightweight? Check! Active noise canceling? Check! 24-bit sound? Check! Surround spatial audio? Check!

15% smaller and lighter than their previous iteration, they come in three attractive but non-offensive colors — standard graphite, white, and a teddy bear-level cute Bora purple. With a soft matte coating, both the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro and their case repel fingerprints and fit well in hand and ear. The buds deliver premium quality sound through dual drivers (woofer + tweeter) for each ear using AKG tuning, which generates pretty neat mid-tones, crisp highs, and punchy bass.

They deliver truly fantastic sound through 24-bit 48 kHz encoding transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.3, which, theoretically, can connect to an unlimited number of devices. With the awesome ANC on, you can listen for five hours, while turning the feature off almost doubles it.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Striking a perfect balance between cost and capability, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro grab our Editor’s pick. They are slightly bigger and heavier than the new version; otherwise, they fit just fine. The glossy surface comes in three colors — phantom black/silver/purple — and is a fingerprint magnet. The good stuff comes after you plug them in your ears. Even without the excellent ANC that filters out heavy background noise like air or traffic, these earbuds offer decent passive noise-cancelling.

The dual coaxial speakers deliver crisp bass and rich mids, thanks to the tweeters. Supporting any Android 7 or above phones with OneUI 3 or above, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are rich in supporting features like ANC, voice detection, and Dolby head tracking — although you can’t use many of them without the app. Finally, the power support is decent for this price bracket, running 4-5 hours (11-14 with the case support). You just can’t go wrong with these earbuds.

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If you want the most bang for your buck from the Samsung earbuds series, choose the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. They have a small, light, and ergonomic build that comfortably fits any ear and stays there. While there, they deliver solid audio and voice performance! With each iteration, the AKG’s audio tuning gets better and better, bringing you closer to that sweet sonic range. The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 use dual coaxial drivers to correctly reproduce this effect, pouring honey into your ears.

True, with signals below 80 Hz and above 11 kHz, they are not as clear as in other flagship earbuds, but at $130, you can’t expect anything better. What does fall a bit below expectation is the ANC quality. With ANC on, which uses machine learning to filter background noise, it can pretty much suppress the most common noises in the room, like the babble of voices and fan noise. However, you’ll definitely hear street noises. If ANC isn’t too important, you can turn off this feature to squeeze an extra 3-4 hours worth of listening time, which is typically restricted to 5 hours.

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are a well-rounded player in the earbuds market with something special about them — their design. Unlike most compact, truly wireless earbuds, they put the speaker at the bottom of the device instead of at the top. Their bean-like design also fits different ears individually — you can set them up in a horizontal or vertical alignment, according to your ear shape.

Like the Buds series, the 12mm drivers’ sound is simply brilliant, with some added bass in this case. It can get deafening without distortion, and the deep and thumping bass compliments the clear mids well. However, the ANC feature in the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is marred a bit by its open-ear nature. These funny-shaped earbuds offer excellent battery life, though. Even with the small casing, they offer enough talk and playtime to quickly get you through a couple of regular usage days before you have to plug them up using the USB-C cable.

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Released in February 2020, this is the cheapest option on our list of best Samsung earbuds. This is where they started the signature Buds series design with 2-way dynamic speakers, 1 inner and 2 external mics, and comfortable, ergonomic build. The audio is pretty good coming from the woofer+tweeter 2-way driver configuration, which AKG tuned to bring as close as possible to the sweet spot.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ don’t have any Active Noise Cancellation, but they still plug into your ears quite snugly, offering some good passive protection from outside noise. Their shape is a bit geometric, sweet to those who love that style. But the real talking point with the Buds+ is their battery. Each earbud has a massive (for such tiny devices) 85 mAh battery which can easily give you over 10 hours of playtime and over 7 hours of talk time at 100% volume — outstepping the latest earbuds from Samsung yet.

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The best Samsung earbuds on this planet

While Samsung is limited in its options, you still have some pretty great earbuds to choose from. At this point, it all boils down to what you need — looks, sound quality, features, noise reduction, usability, or an affordable price. Of course, you also have to take into account how you’ll be using your buds. While all of these best Samsung earbuds aspire to cover all of these bases, look carefully, and you will find your champion.

That being said, we can confidently say that the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro beats all the others on the list fair and square in most cases. Thus, that should be your choice, given that the price doesn’t scare you. If it does, and that’s your major concern, then we’d suggest you target the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, which offers some pretty great features at half the price.

However, if you can compromise a bit on both sides and want to strike the best balance between cost and quality, we suggest you go for Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. With the May firmware update, they offer better charging performance.

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