Sofia Carson explains “particularly emotional” Purple Hearts song

Purple Hearts spoilers follow.

Sofia Carson has explained a “particularly emotional” song in her new Netflix movie, Purple Hearts, as the official music video is released.

The Descendants star takes on the role of aspiring singer-songwriter Cassie, while Nicholas Galitzine stars as troubled marine Luke, and the unlikely couple are pushed together against the odds.

Carson wrote several songs for the soundtrack, but says ‘Come Back Home’ is a stand out because it comes at such a “pivotal” point in the story.

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“‘Come Back Home’ was particularly a challenge for us and particularly emotional because it’s set at a moment in the film that is so pivotal to our story and to our characters,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“In those three words, Cassie says everything that she’s been too afraid to say to him.”

The movie concludes with Cassie and Luke reunited at the beach while ‘Come Back Home’ plays, and that’s exactly where the newly released music video for the song picks up.

nicholas galitzine, sofia carson, purple hearts

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“We wanted to make it that much more special by, instead of it being a classic music video, it’s a performance video,” Carson continued.

“So, it’s me performing ‘Come Back Home’ on the piano and it’s actually set at the same beach that Luke and I end the movie on, which makes it that much more beautiful and true to our story. It’s a really intimate, vulnerable , and emotional moment that I think is true to our film.”

She added: “It’s such a meaningful song with such a beautiful message and I hope it moves whoever gets the chance to see it.”

Purple Hearts is available to stream on Netflix.

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