Fujifilm X-H2 tears up APS-C camera rule-book with world-beating 40MP 8K sensor

As promised earlier in the year, Fujifilm has now announced its ground-breaking X-H2 camera at the New York X-Summit (opens in new tab). With a new 40 megapixel sensor, this becomes the highest resolution APS-C-sized sensored camera ever released. Furthermore it offers internal 8K video recording at 30fps – which again makes it compete with many, pro-spec full-frame mirrorless cameras (opens in new tab).

The X-H2 looks the same as the Fujifilm X-H2S (opens in new tab) launched earlier in the year – but the use of a different fifth-generation sensor, X-Trans CMOS 5HR, makes for some important differences. The X-H2 camera will be aimed at photographers who need high-resolution – such as landscape, architectural, and product photographers. The X-H2S, which uses a 26-megapixel stacked layer sensor for faster data readout is designed to appeal to action and wildlife photographers, who want speed over resolution.

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