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Every Game Confirmed for PlayStation VR 2 So Far

Throughout 2022, Sony has gradually peeled back the curtain on its plans for PlayStation VR 2. At most of the publisher’s public events this year, it subsequently became a common occurrence for details regarding the platform to be shared. September’s State of Play presentation was no exception to this. Between trailers for God of War Ragnarok and Tekken 8multiple games were confirmed to be playable through the second-generation headset.


Sony might not have confirmed PlayStation VR 2’s all-important price point and release date yet, but players already have a decent picture of what they will be able to play on it because of this. As more studios finally get their hands on development kits, things will only get clearer from here as well. With more details likely to be shared in the coming months then, now is the perfect time to look at the games that have already been confirmed.

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Players with access to the original PlayStation VR headset might have already heard of Alvo, due to the fact that it initially launched on the platform at the start of 2021. However, indie studio Mardonpol has since confirmed it plans on porting its fast-paced shooter over to PS VR 2 as well. Featuring several competitive modes, maps, and a Call of Duty-inspired Zombies Mode, it’s easy to imagine it will find even more fans in the future.

Among Us VR

Having taken the internet by storm over the last few years, it’s been confirmed that a version of among us is heading to Sony’s PlayStation VR 2. Brought to life this time by Schell Games, Among Us VR promises to recreate the charm and chaos of the original social dedication game, within the realms of virtual reality. Based on the footage that’s been revealed so far, it’s already easy to imagine the adaptation’s new first-person perspective being received well by fans.


Developed by Resolution Games, Demeo was confirmed for a 2023 release on PlayStation VR 2 during Sony’s September State of Play presentation. Stylized ace Dungeons and Dragons inspired co-op adventure game, players have been promised they’ll be able to recreate all the magic of a tabletop experience within a virtual reality setting. Haptic feedback support that makes each piece feel unique has also been confirmed by the studio, which should aid immersion even more.

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Firewall Ultra

Based on the positive reception that First Contact Entertainment received for Firewall: Zero Hourit isn’t too shocking that the studio has already confirmed its plans to keep the series going on PS VR 2. The first-person shooter sequel, which has been dubbed Firewall Ultra, will once again ask players to complete contracts and missions within a co-op setup. An eclectic arsenal of weapons has naturally been confirmed to feature once again too. Thanks to the platform’s haptic feedback and eye-tracking technology though, each should feel better than ever to use.


Even though it was announced all the way back in 2018, a few recent signs suggest Cyan Worlds’ Firmament is almost ready for the public. Now that the studio behind the iconic Myst series has moved its next project over to the PS5, there’s seemingly been a positive upturn in fortunes from a development perspective. In addition to a traditional release on Sony’s latest console and PC, it’s also been confirmed that the narrative adventure game will launch on PS VR 2 at a later date.

Ghostbusters VR

When the first generation PS VR headset was launched in 2016, PlayStation wasn’t the only branch of Sony that got in on the action. Several apps and experiences were put together and released by the likes of Sony Pictures as well. With PS VR 2 set to be a significant technological leap forward, it’s little surprise that a similar pattern has also already started to emerge this time around.

During the franchise’s annual celebrations earlier this year, Sony Pictures confirmed that its virtual reality developers are creating Ghostbusters VR game for PS VR 2. Unlike some of its previous efforts, it sounds as though the game will be a substantial experience as well. Set within San Francisco, four players will be able to team up across what’s been advertised as an extensive campaign.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

Considering the positive reception Guerrilla Games’ Horizon series has cultivated since its debut in 2017, it’s little surprise that Sony has even bigger plans for its future. Earlier this year it was confirmed that as part of the publisher’s initiative, the series will make its way to PlayStation VR 2 via Horizon Call of the Mountain. Developed by Firesprite in collaboration with Guerrilla, it’s fair to say that the spin-off game appears to be one of the most tantalizing platforms.

Based on what has been revealed to the public so far, it looks like most of the franchise’s signature hallmarks will be adapted into virtual reality. Visceral combat, robotic machines, and sci-fi intrigue, have all been accounted for in the trailers Sony has shared. Even though Aloy has been confirmed to appear, the story of Call of the Mountain will explore another corner of the universe. A move that will no doubt add more depth to Nora Hunter’s next mainline adventure.


Indie studio Iris VR Inc made headlines during the early months of 2021 as it became one of the first development teams to confirm it was creating a game for Sony’s PlayStation VR 2. In a Tweet that was tagged with the name of the headset, it was revealed that its upcoming cyberpunk-thriller Low-Fi will debut on the platform. Taking clear inspiration from franchises like Blade Runnerit stands to reason that the open-world title will be on the radar of many sci-fi fans.

No Man’s Sky

Even though No Man’s Sky has been playable on Sony’s first VR headset for over three years, the game’s presence on PS VR 2 wasn’t always a given. Thanks to the second-generation headset’s upgrades and controllers, there’s a decent chance that backwards compatibility won’t be an automatic or simple process. Instead, developers will likely have to take the time to port their games to the new platform.

The fact that Hello Games has confirmed that it intends to do just that is positive news then. When No Man’s Sky launches at an undisclosed date on PS VR 2, the port will also take full advantage of Sony’s new technology. Beyond improved resolutions and graphical fidelity, immersive Sense controller support has also been promised by the studio.

Resident Evil 4

Based on the success that Capcom experienced when it launched Resident Evil 7 as a PS VR game, it was always going to pursue the concept further. Having ported several of the horror franchise’s installments to virtual reality platforms on PC since 2017, the publisher is now setting its sights on Sony’s VR offerings once again.

Although details are scarce right now, fans can look forward to the Resident Evil 4 remake including some form of PS VR 2 compatible content. What that exactly entails is a mystery right now, though. Even though Capcom ported the iconic game in its entirety to Oculus Quest 2 last year, the publisher’s wording could be inferred that only part of the experience will make its way to PlayStation.

Resident Evil Village

Even though it remains to be seen how Capcom will handle Resident Evil 4‘s arrival on PS VR 2, other parts of its plans for the franchise have been fleshed out in greater detail. In addition to the previously mentioned remake, the publisher is also planning to port Resident Evil Village to Sony’s platform in the future. This time there’s no doubt as to how far the port will go though, as Capcom has confirmed the game’s entire single-player story will be playable on PS VR 2.


Despite the fact that Sony has been taking its time answering all the questions fans have about PlayStation VR 2, that hasn’t stopped several indie studios from getting ahead of the publisher with announcements. Truant Pixel for example, you have confirmed that runner will be making its way to the new platform at some point in the future. Having taken inspiration from beloved franchises like Akira and Ghost In The Shellit’s already easy to envision the action-packed driving game being on the radar of players.

Samurai Slaughter House

Stylized as a hack and slash adventure game with RPG mechanics, Samurai Slaughter House has been confirmed for a release on PlayStation VR 2. Tab Games, the indie studio behind the title, has revealed that players will be able to engage in visceral physics-based combat as they square up against an eclectic mix of enemies. Thanks to a post over on Reddit, it looks as though Samurai Slaughter House is currently aiming to be a launch title for the headset.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition

During September’s State of Play presentation Sony confirmed that an updated version of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge will make its way to PlayStation VR 2 at some point in 2023. Just like the rides at Disneyland California and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the VR game thrusts players into episodic scenes set within the legendary sci-fi franchise’s universe. Considering how the original incarnation of the game was met with positive reviews when it debuted on Oculus Quest in 2020, it’s easy to imagine the Enhanced Edition and its improvements being received well too.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

Thanks to the successful launch of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners on the original PlayStation VR, it won’t come as much of a surprise to fans that Skydance Interactive has more plans for the series. Advertised as a bigger and more expansive experience, Chapter 2: Retribution has been confirmed for both generations of Sony’s virtual reality technology.

As it stands right now, though, Chapter 2: Retribution is only penciled in to launch during the final months of 2022 the original PS VR. Skydance Interactive has promised that the sequel will arrive on PS VR 2 with bigger levels and new control schemes at a later date. However, whether an upgrade path will be available remains to be seen.

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