Barrow teen forcibly ejected from Barrow AFC concert speaks out over incident

THE teenager at the center of a viral video depicting her being forcibly ejected from a concert has spoken out about the ‘humiliating’ incident.

Ellie Drummond said she suffered a number of injuries after she was removed from the Pitch Up Music Festival held at the Barrow AFC grounds on Saturday evening.

The 17-year-old, who is in her second year at Furness College studying public services, attended the Bad Boy Chiller Crew concert with her brother and his friend.

After meeting up with her own friends at the event an altercation broke out between Ellie and another event-goer just after 9pm.

“It all started with this woman,” said Ellie.

“I had found my friend after I had been looking for her for ages.

“Because the music was so loud I was shouting at my friend asking where she was and was using swear words.

The Mail: Ellie DrummongEllie Drummong

“The woman in front of me said can you stop swearing in front of my kids. Then I accidentally swore again and she grabbed me by the throat so I swilled her with my drink. I dropped my phone then she gets hold of my friend.

“Everybody was pointing at me saying this is her when the security guard came over looking really angry. He was climbing over the gate and I said don’t grab me until I tell you my side of the story that I got hit first. ”

The video shows Ellie, who is five foot three and weights six and a half stone, being forcibly removed from the gated area by security staff which she says resulted in a number of injuries to her ribs and wrist.

She said: “A guy came over the fence. He grabs me and I can see others coming towards me. I thought I was going to get hurt. I will admit I went for him as well as he was going for me.

“I got dragged over the gate. I have bruises all over my body. I’m in agony right now.

“When he threw me to the floor I stopped breathing because I was so winded. One was pressing down on my chest. They were digging their fingers into me.

“I felt very on my own. There was no need for them to do this. I passed out for a few seconds when I hit the ground. I could see so many faces and cameras on me – it was horrible.

The Mail: BRUISES: Some of the injuries inflicted BRUISES: Some of the injuries inflicted

“They didn’t ask me what had happened. I was ejected from the event. I was really upset. I felt violated, I had no say in what happened. After they made a show of me by putting me in the middle of the field, I felt they were doing it to humiliate me. ”

Ellie said she has not left the house since the incident which was captured on video and has since garnered more than 47,000 views on social media.

She said: “I haven’t left the house since this has happened. I’m too scared to see anyone. My whole body is in absolute agony.

“I feel as if no-one has heard my side of the story. I felt so humiliated and violated.

“The way they were grabbing me felt spiteful. It was absolutely brutal.

“So many people have seen the video – I don’t want to leave the house because of it.

“I don’t think I’ll be going to an event like this again.”

Ellie’s mum Stacey Drummond described the methods in which security staff restrained her daughter as ‘disgusting’.

“I was on my way back from Dalton when I got the call to say Ellie had been ejected from the event and got there as soon as I could,” the 38-year-old mum-of-four said.

“I was trying to get an idea of ​​what had happened. I didn’t understand why the woman who had grabbed Ellie hadn’t been ejected.

The Mail: VIRAL: Screenshots from the video which has since garnered 47k viewsVIRAL: Screenshots from the video which has since garnered 47k views

“Ellie was really upset. I said she shouldn’t have punched the man but what he did after that wasn’t called for.

“He body-slammed her to the floor – there is no need for that. The way they treated her is disgusting.

“I want an apology from them for this. At the end of the day that is my child, she never expected or deserved to get manhandled by a grown man like that. They have injured her badly. ”

Andrew Spencer is the owner of Apollon Security who were commissioned by Pitch up Events to work the event.

He has apologized for the injuries Ellie received but insisted that security guards were acting in the interest of safety.

He said: “The girl had been pointed out because she had assaulted a member of the public. The security guard asked her to leave but she wasn’t going to leave. Then she punched one of our workers in the face which you can clearly see in the video.

“She was the aggressor from the start. She had been taken away by a staff member. When she was taken to the ground she was restrained to prevent anyone else from being assaulted.

“As a company we do regret that she was injured and bruised but she assaulted staff and members of the public.

“We don’t have an easy job to do. Not everyone is our biggest fan but safety is our priority.

“As a company, we do apologize that she has injuries – that was not out intention but at the same we don’t want injuries either. We didn’t go to the festival with the intention of removing people, we wanted everyone to have a nice time.

“Police are happy with how the incident was dealt with on the day. We are very sorry that she has injuries. ”

The Mail: EJECTED: Ellie being forcibly removed from the concert EJECTED: Ellie being forcibly removed from the concert

Pitch Up Music Festival were approached for a comment and Barrow AFC declined to comment on the incident.

A spokesman for Cumbria Police said the incident was reported to officers and said an investigation is not active at this time.

A spokesman said: “We have informed the complainant that the actions taken appear at this time to amount to lawful detention by a member of security staff.”

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