Amazfit GTS 2 Mini review: a VFM tracker that gets most things right

Amazfit has, time and again, impressed buyers and critics with its value-oriented fitness trackers, and for good reason. The company’s offerings are replete with impressive fitness tracking features and more often than not, undercut the competition by a significant margin too. Case in point, the company’s latest tracker – the GTS 2 Mini which, despite its wallet-friendly price tag, offers an OLED screen and built-in GPS, among other things. I managed to get my hands on a unit and here’s why I think you should have the tracker at the top of your wishlist.

The lowdown

  • The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini looks the part of a run-of-the-mill fitness tracker. That said, while the wearable doesn’t ship with a unique design, the tracker is superbly comfortable to wear all day long. In fact, the device tips the scales at just 19 grams (without the straps), and correspondingly, buyers eyeing the wearable will barely feel the unit strapped to their wrist. Unsurprisingly, the unit makes for a great workout companion and you can even wear the tracker to bed without noticing any discomfort set in.
  • Speaking of workouts, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini offers a 5 ATM weatherproof rating, meaning the wearable can withstand your sweatiest workouts and can even be worn whilst swimming. I should also add that the unit features a metallic frame which further contributes to the wearable’s ruggedness. In fact, my review unit doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear after using the device for over two weeks.
  • I should also add that the unit ships with quick-release pins and correspondingly, buyers can easily swap out the bundled silicone straps to enhance the wearable’s looks. And, unlike some wearables, the GTS 2 Mini features a physical button too, which can be used to exit out of an application or to pull up the app tray as well.
  • Moving on, the wearable features a 1.55-inch AMOLED panel which, at 450 nits, gets plenty of bright for outdoor usage. It also helps that the panel doesn’t exhibit any backlit bleeding like competing LCD screens. I was more than satisfied with the display’s touch responsiveness too. To wit, the screen registered my swipes and gestures swiftly and the UI felt adequately snappy too. Furthermore, for the size, the screen is fairly pixel-dense and correspondingly, the text appears extremely sharp on the GTS 2 Mini’s display.

  • Much to my dismay, you cannot revert to incoming notifications on the GTS 2 Mini. Now, to the wearable’s credit, the device can relay notifications from popular messaging apps seamlessly. Furthermore, the unit supports Alexa voice assistant too, thereby allowing users to access certain features of the device by means of voice command. For instance, you can set a timer by speaking into the unit’s mic, or get a gauge on the weather too. That said, you can’t take calls with the watch. However, you can dismiss them entirely, or swipe up on the wearable’s screen to revert with an SMS reply. And, for those curious, you can edit the quick replies via the wearable’s companion Zepp app too.
  • Notably, the wearable supports a ton of watch faces and the device even lets users customize the complications for select clock styles. You can even control your media playback or set alarms directly from the smartwatch’s interface, which is great.
  • The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini ships with a slew of fitness tracking features too. For one, buyers opting for the wearable can get a number on their heart rate as well as SpO2 readings. As for the accuracy of the data, the smartwatch’s results were on par with both, the Fitbit Charge 5, as well as the Apple Watch SE too. That’s not all, as the unit ships with a built-in GPS and correspondingly, you can even map your workout routes without carrying your phone in your pocket.
  • I did test the unit’s mapping prowess by going for a walk to a nearby market and to no one’s surprise, the wearable fared satisfactorily. If anything, the device reported that I had traversed a lesser distance. Even then, the readings were within the margin of error, so no complaints here. What’s more, unlike most affordable fitness trackers, the GTS 2 Mini latched on to the GPS signal in a matter of seconds too. The same goes for the unit’s step-tracking capabilities as well and more often than not, the device would overturn a result that was on par with the measurements from the Fitbit Charge 5.
  • What’s more, you can get most of the key insights from the unit’s interface itself. That said, buyers looking to access the data on a bigger screen can hop into the wearable’s Zepp companion app and take a look at the data from the workouts history tab. More importantly, the GTS 2 Mini doesn’t just calculate the calories burned during a workout. Instead, for a run or an outdoor walk, the device will also shed a light on your average speed, distance traversed, stride, pace, steps, heart rate zones, and much more.
  • Unfortunately, the wearable’s sleep tracking data leaves something to be desired. While the tracker offers extremely detailed insights into a user’s sleeping patterns, including the amount of time spent in deep, REM, and light sleep, the device miscalculated the time I hit the bed on several occasions. On the bright side, the wearable supports inactivity alerts and the device will prompt you to stand if you’ve been at a desk all day.


The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini retails for Rs 5,999 in India and for the price, the device ticks most, if not all of the right boxes. In fact, provided you can look past the wearable’s sleep tracking chops, the unit is – at least in my books – a no-brainer. Correspondingly, if you were in the market for a reliable fitness tracker that ships with built-in GPS, a gorgeous screen, and a weatherproof design, the GTS 2 Mini is a great buy.

Editor’s rating: 3.5 / 5


  • Comfortable, all-day wear design
  • Good fitness tracking capabilities
  • Compliant with Alexa voice assistant
  • Good battery life


  • Sleep tracking data not up to the mark
  • Cannot revert to notifications
  • Uninspiring design
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